Light Bars & LED Lighting

The Best Truck Lighting in Austin

Upgrade Your Truck Lighting

Have you been wanting to upgrade your truck lighting? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of LED lighting options available? At LINE-X of Austin, we have the expertise, customer service and passion to equip your truck with the best light bars and LED lighting for your needs. Don’t go another day without the custom truck of your dreams. Call us now!

Types of LED Lights:

  • Single-row LED light bars
  • Dual-row LED light bars
  • Square LED pods
  • LED cube lights
  • Round LED lights
  • LED puddle lights

Light Bars & LED Lighting

How You Can Benefit From LED Truck Lighting

Light bars and other LED lighting options are the perfect way to complete your truck upgrade. Not only do they add to the appearance of your custom truck, they come with dozens of applicable benefits. With the top truck upgrade services in Austin, LINE-X of Austin is your one-stop shop for LED truck lighting.

Improved Nighttime Vision

If you’ve ever tried to drive through a blizzard, thick fog or serious thunderstorm, you understand how difficult it can be. When you’re driving in remote areas without any additional light or assistance, it becomes even more dangerous. With an LED truck bar leading the way, you can carve through the elements to stay safe in treacherous driving conditions.

Off-Roading Adventures

The possibilities of adventure are endless with an LED light bar. Want to go mudding out in the country? LED light bars become less obstructed by mud and dirt than normal headlights since they sit on your roof. Planning a family camping trip deep in the mountains? Trust the power of LED lights to get you there safely. Choose between a wide variety of our LED lights including square or round lights and single- or double-rows.

Construction Functionality

Don’t struggle through your construction work holding onto the last bit of sunlight or trusting outdated halogen lights. With an LED truck bar, you can work safely, efficiently, and effectively through the night. With the power to light your entire construction sight, everyone can get more done. LINE-X of Austin offers a full supply of LED truck bars to suit your needs.


The new technology that goes into LED light bars ensures you will get the highest quality and longest lifespan for your lighting upgrade. Whereas much of the energy in halogen lights is lost in the form of heat, LED converts that heat into light, meaning you see further during your drive. Plus, LED lights last an average of 15,000 hours compared to the 1,000 hours you get with halogen bulbs. The durability and performance of LED light bars make them the obvious choice for your truck lighting upgrade.

LINE-X of Austin is passionate about helping make your dream truck a reality. For many people, much of that comes down to lighting capability. If you’re ready to receive the best customer service from Austin’s top option for light bars and LED lighting alternatives, come to LINE-X of Austin today.


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