When you love to four-wheel, you know just how important clearance is. Without proper clearance, you won’t be able to make it over tough trails or big rocks. A lack of clearance also means that you can’t use large enough tires and wheels or the kind of suspension you want.

At LINE-X of Austin, we can help you turn any stock SUV or truck into a four-wheeling machine that looks better and rides higher. For extreme four-wheelers, we always recommend a lift kit because the more clearance, the better. If you just need a little extra height for slightly larger wheels and tires, a leveling kit would be just fine.

In addition to installing a new lift or leveling kit, we can also help you find the right wheels and tires to match your outdoor activities, and we also carry new bumpers, nerf bars, tonneau covers, and all of the other truck accessories that will take your truck from boring and stock to exciting and customized!

As an authorized LINE-X dealer and installer, we would be doing you a disservice by not mentioning how beneficial a LINE-X protective coating is for trucks that spend a lot of time off-roading or on job sites where there is a lot of potential for harm. LINE-X is incredibly strong and can be applied to nearly any surface of your truck, including the bed, wheel wells, bumper, door panels, and even as a replacement for your floor mats.

Call us today for more information or for a free quote on the truck gear and installation that you’ve been dreaming of.