At LINE-X of Austin, we have always been dedicated to providing everyone who walks through our door with the absolute best. Whether that means a new bed liner or protective coating for your truck or SUV, or a top-of-the-line piece of landscaping equipment, we will always have you covered.

Professional Landscaping Machinery

Cub Cadet is the name that the best landscapers in the business rely on. They know that the American-built quality of a Cub Cadet just can’t be beat. If you own a landscaping business and you need a new piece of equipment to keep your business running as efficiently as possible, you need Cub Cadet.

Lawnmowers and Lawn Tractors

Mowing the lawn never feels like a chore when you have a Cub Cadet. Whether you choose a tractor or a zero-turn riding lawnmower, you’ll love to take care of your lawn. It may be hard to even get you off of your new Cub Cadet!

Stop by or give us a call today to see the selection of Cub Cadet equipment that we have in stock. Have you had your heart set on a lawn tractor or walk-behind that we don’t have in-store? Talk to any member of our staff and we will get it here for you as soon as possible.