Every yard has the potential to become a sanctuary with the right improvements and upkeep. As the summer season comes into full swing, many Texans are looking forward to improving their yards and creating a healthy, luscious landscape to both make their lives better and to impress the neighbors. Whether you’re a DIYer planning on taming the wilderness in your yard this season, or you’re a lawn care professional in need of the best tools in the trade, it pays to have the right equipment for the job.

If you’ve visited LINE-X of Austin or visit our truck accessories store in Leander, then you know how obsessed we are with quality. This is a major plus for those in need of lawn tractors and mowers, because we’re also proud to be a provider of Cub Cadet equipment!

You can visit our shop to find the best aftermarket truck parts, LINE-X bed liners, and more to perfect your ride, and we’re ready to supply you with riding mowers, stand-on mowers, and zero-turn mowers, as well as tractors, trimmers, and pressure washers to create a perfect result across any landscape.

Industry-Leading Lawn Equipment

Since 1961, Cub Cadet has worked to achieve the best in lawn equipment, unlocking new possibilities for residents and professionals when it comes to maintaining their properties. All lawn mowers and equipment are made in Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Just our LINE-X shop, Cub Cadet has focused on quality at every level to promote the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Residential Use

Are you looking for a reliable electric riding mower, or do you need the power and precision of a zero-turn mower? Cub Cadet offers a range of cutting equipment to meet every resident’s need, backing their quality products with the right support and expertise to ensure that you’re never left without the ability to mow. 

Commercial Equipment

Landscaping and lawn care professionals alike rely on proven products to efficiently get the job done. In order to maximize your output and quality while minimizing downtime and upkeep costs, it pays to find the right lawn mower for the job. Cub Cadet offers commercial equipment built from the ground up with working professionals in mind. Each contour, curve, and add-on works in harmony to create an ideal cutting machine.

Ideal Attachments

Looking for a bagger for your riding mower, or maybe a small trailer to haul your materials around? Our LINE-X store stocks a range of Cub Cadet accessories to get the job done right. From protective front bumpers to mulch kits, spreaders, new armrests, and more, you’ll find everything to upgrade and upkeep your equipment for the long haul. With Cub Cadet, the possibilities for your outdoor work are nearly endless!

Personalized Solutions

With the help of our team, you can find the lawn equipment to maintain half an acre or an entire golf course. Navigate complex obstacles in your lawn and overcome a variety of challenges with the right gear for the job. Not sure where to get started? LINE-X of Austin and Cub Cadet can help you find the best accessories for the job!

Comprehensive Product Support

Quality is important in today’s age, and you’ll find no lack of quality when it comes to the proper support offered for Cub Cadet products. You can find a range of upgrades and replacement parts made specifically for your mower or tractor, ensuring the highest level of performance while also maximizing safety. Take the guesswork out of maintaining your riding mower or other lawn equipment with the support offered by Cub Cadet and LINE-X of Austin!

No Credit Needed for Financing

Our LINE-X shop is here to provide the best truck accessories and protective coatings that we can, and we understand that professional needs can be urgent. LINE-X of Austin has partnered with Snap! Finance and West Creek Financial to provide very cost-effective financing for our Cub Cadet mowers and tractors in addition to our other accessories. You can mow now and pay later with the right finance plan to meet your needs and budget. Cub Cadet financing offers interest-free payment plans for those who apply online, as well as zero or low APR through TD Bank for larger transactions. We’ll be happy to work with you to find the right program for you, minimizing any interest to help you get your equipment, and fast.

We’re Your Cub Cadet Resource!

From supplies and new equipment to repairs and more, LINE-X of Austin is here to serve as your source for everything related to Cub Cadet. Stop by our location on East Crystal Falls Parkway for high-quality truck accessories and lawn equipment in northern Austin, and be sure to ask for your quote on our LINE-X services.

Ready to find the right Cub Cadet equipment for your lawn? Stop by our shop or contact us today!