Austin Truck Upgrades for Spring and Summer

Any outdoorsman knows that their hobbies can be hard on an unprotected truck. After all, there are not many places you can go into the wilderness without encountering an obstacle. Whether it be rocks, brush and branches, or falling debris, there’s bound to be some impact on your truck when you’re looking for the best hunting, fishing, camping, or offroading spots, and keeping your truck safe might require some upgrades.

At Line-X of Austin, not only do we provide some of the strongest coatings in the world for your truck bed or accessories, but we also provide a number of upgrades that will help protect the undercarriage, front, and back of your truck as well as the materials or tools that you might be carrying with you. If you’re looking to ramp up your outdoor activities this spring or summer, then come into Line-X of Austin to protect your truck!

Truck Accessories and the Outdoor Activities They Help With

If you were just interested in style, then you probably wouldn’t have spent the extra money on getting a truck instead of a car. So we’ll go ahead and assume that you’d like any additions you make to your truck to serve a purpose as well. All of the truck accessories below will add utility to your vehicle and help you protect the equipment needed for all your favorite spring and summer activities.

Guards — There is an array of guards available for your truck or utility vehicle. They’re made to protect your front end from impacts, protruding objects, pests, and flying debris. This makes guards a must-have for anyone that plans to drive off-road and into trees or brush. However, they’re also useful for helping your truck push or pull on a variety of objects without damaging your front end.

There are two main types of guards for those who are interested in protecting their front end — brush guards and grille guards. A brush guard is just what it sounds like: a guard that protects your front end, headlight, grille, and other components from damage by knocking away brush before it hits your vehicle. When combined with a grille guard, these two items can effectively keep extra dirt or damage away from your engine bay while offroading.

If you’re only offroading occasionally and just want to protect the most vital parts of your front end — arguably the engine bay and bumper — then a bull bar may be all you need. This accessory protects your truck from brush with a protruding metal face that helps mow down brush directly in front of your truck or off-road vehicle.

Tonneau Covers — If you’re going camping, hunting, or fishing this summer, then a tonneau cover is a great way to protect any needed equipment and supplies. The main thing that tonneau covers have to offer is protection from the elements. Simply put, these are covers attached to your truck bed in order to protect anything you might be storing. A hunting, camping, or fishing trip can be completely ruined by soaked equipment and supplies — you may even have to cut the trip short — but with a tonneau cover, you can ensure that doesn’t happen. They’re also good for a dry place to sleep in emergencies!

Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles and variations that accomodate for a variety of needs. Retractable, foldable, electronic, locking, and roll up models are all available, with a range in ease-of-access and functionality.

Racks and Toolboxes — Racks and toolboxes are obvious additions to your summer repertoire for a number of reasons, mostly their storage applications. Toolboxes are a great option for anyone who often has to store goods that are valuable and easily damaged, so they’re useful for a number of hobbies. Plus, when it comes to hunting and fishing, toolboxes can be used as a place to store food safely overnight. Predators could smell any dead animal or food that you have laying around your hunting area or campsite. If you have them stored in a locking toolbox, it will reduce the smell and make it near impossible for even the strongest of predators to break into.

Racks offer a flip side of functionality when compared to toolboxes or tonneau covers. Unlike tonneau covers or toolboxes, racks are typically used for large items that are too big to steal and that built for the elements. Racks make the perfect space for kayaks, paddleboards, bikes, and more.

Prepare for Summer Fun With Line-X of Austin

If you’ve been gearing up for spring and summer already, then it’s time to do the same for your truck so you can engage in all the fun activities that Austin has to offer without damaging your vehicle. If you need a tonneau cover, guards, racks, toolboxes, or any other accessories added to your vehicle to make it more reliable for offroading, camping, or hunting, then call or come into Line-X of Austin today!